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vanilla-ice-stop-collaborate-and-listenToday’s sponsor is the concept of itching.

Listeners, are you looking for an action that will pass the time, but also is mildly irritating? Searching for a way to have your body express reaction to material it is allergic to? Want to express confusion in the most stereotypical manner possible? I am just thrilled to be here on behalf of itching.

Itching has been with humans as long as there has been humans. Longer than that, even! Why, beings have been having to scratch themselves almost as long as they’ve been being.

It can be fun! It mostly won’t be. But, if it’s your thing, or if it’s in a spot that’s easy to reach, then it can sort of be fun! I’m not saying it will definitely be fun, it probably won’t be.

The concept of itching. For a free sample, just think about it. Oh? There you go!…

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