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As an exhibition of notorious magician John Dee’s books continues, Philip Ball argues that he warrants a place in science’s history

Source: The maddeningly magical maths of John Dee



Alley - Morguefile.comI could see matters only from my own closed perspective, and I was deeply resistant to any suggestion that the truth was otherwise.  

(Leadership and Self-Deception, The Arbinger Institute (2010, pg. 16)

A closed perspective is like walking down a long, narrow tunnel.

You may see something at the end which appeals to you, but you are unaware of most other things that exist in the situation or environment.  You know only what is already visible from your restricted viewpoint.

You see the light at the end of the alley, but not the speeding traffic coming from the side …

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J. Ruth Kelly

I’m all done with notional condemnation,
nonsense posing salvation
suggesting pre-birth agendas and all the control
a robot might covet.

Take me to the truth, down to the bone of it.
Marry me to the wonder found in the midst of
all this chaos and randomness daring us all
to make meaning.

I see their meaning made in fear.
The meaning they make
spews the poison in their hearts,
the snare in their aid.

Take me far away from the righteous.
I want to live with the undone and undoing.
I want to dance with the makers and shake
every foundation lost to the mold of stagnation.

Deliver me to love, love in spite of it all,
love because of it all,
love morphing, rolling up sleeves
and shaping this mound of flesh into new and ancient songs.

j. ruth kelly, all rights reserved, 2015 j. ruth kelly, all rights reserved, 2015

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Valued Merchant Services

The world of small business is tough enough as it is, but the ever-changing nature of the competitive landscape can make it even tougher. Let’s take a look ahead at what could be some of the biggest trends in the space so you can be prepared.


First of all, although you may be reading this at some point in the future, we published this in very early January, so everyone here at Valued Merchant Services would like to wish you and yours a very happy 2016! As a credit and debit card processing company, the majority of our clients and customers are small to medium-sized businesses, so we know full well the difficulties associated with starting and operating a successful operation. In fact, according to data from the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, over half of all small business will fail in five years or less.

So considering…

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