what’s missing from your new year’s resolutions? (daily hot! quote)



Have you ever wondered why some affirmations, dream boards, and lists that specify exactly what you want don’t work?

Here’s a hint: what are you feeling when you voice that affirmation?

What resistance courses through you as you make that list for your perfect job, financial situation, or life partner?

Do you believe what you are writing down?

If you don’t, then tap into what you want to feel and write that down. Don’t over describe the feeling or put images to it. Don’t write down time-lines or expectations. Write only your most desired feelings. Make them a simple bullet list. (ex. ease, joy, laughter, loyalty, trust, sharing, playfulness, healing, pleasure, etc.) Feel each word as you write it down. Read it first thing in the morning. Read it out-loud before you lay down at night. Read the list and feel the words again and again.

Then trust that God…

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