But This Was Forever … Right?

Tobey Deys

We have relationships. Some are long lasting; the friend you’ve known since you were nine and with whom, four decades later, still chill and get silly. Some are short lived; the job that didn’t quite fit, the employee who needed another direction, the partnership that fizzled out, the lover whose affections waned.

Pondering on relationships, some may not realize that it is those short-lived connections that may resonate the loudest. They are the teachers, the guides, and the safety valves that lead us toward our higher purpose. These are the ones that, typically, hurt the most and that pain is what matters. It is that pain that illuminates, if we are willing to open ourselves to see it, what we truly want.

Everyone comes into your life for a reason. Be grateful.

Amid the anger at wasting time and money training the wrong person, resentment at being fired, disgruntlement at that…

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