do you have balls of courage? (daily hot! quote)

A while back , I came to a point in my life where I had to do something very similar (as many have). Becoming heavily invested in beliefs only to find they are not really you. The thought of making the changes left me certain it was going to make a shambles of everything. To my surprise , other than a few sharp edges I had to avoid , the sun has shined brighter ever since. Very wise words Amy.



“The image you have of yourself is solidified by the feelings you perpetually entertain. You repeat them so often, that you unknowingly defend them at every turn. You say you want to feel differently, to experience more joy and love and laughter; but are you willing to demolish the image of yourself that you have invested so much time and effort into solidifying? If not, that extraordinary life you want will never happen. It is impossible to remain the same creature all of your life. Your evolution, your change is inevitable. You can either resist it and be plagued by drama, suffering and fatigue, or initiate the change yourself by tearing down every idea, belief and feeling that keeps you small, isolated and fearful. In other words, your joy depends on you having huge balls of courage.” -Amy Larson,

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