To Have a Friend YOU Need to be a Friend

Make It Your Problem

It’s up to you. Your relationships begin with you. You can control how you add value to all your relationships. It takes work from you.

Now the good news. Hard work doesn’t seem hard if the relationships are important. Hard work doesn’t feel hard if the work is reciprocated. Hard work creates relationships that last in hard times.

My most important and lasting relationship is with my beloved. Every day we work hard to ensure that we live happily ever after. We have been doing that for 40 years (most days). Through ups and downs, remarkable adventures and day-to-day we work hard to hear, acknowledge and care for each other.


I can only do what I can do. What others do in our relationships is out of the span of my control. I often hate that it is and wish that I could be the relationship boss and make people act…

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