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The Self-Realization Fellowship was founded in 1920 by Paramahansa Yogananda.

He was requested by Mahavatar Babaji to spread the technique of Kriya Yoga,

the scientific technique for the attainment of Self-Realization, in the West. Having been

trained by his guru Swami Sri Yukteshwar as a young boy for this divine mission he was

well suited to be a successful teacher and guide for the western culture. He was invited by

the International Congress of Religious Liberals to serve as the delegate from India when

they convened in Boston in 1920 delivering an address on ” The Science of Religion”.

Unlike most other religious approaches Self-Realization Fellowship emphasizes

the practice of a particular scientific technique which, when practiced, automatically

draws the practitioner toward the inner experience of a personal relationship with God.

By 1925 the Self -Realization Fellowship had established a headquarters in Los Angeles

on Mount Washington Estates. Yogananda traveled…

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