can you have more than one soul mate? (daily hot! quote)

There is no giving up. Amy is right if you left your soul lead you.



“You may have more than one soul mate – one for each significant period in your life. You could spread yourself that thin. But what if you had a soul mate that shifted with you. What if you both used the momentum of determination and power of leaning in, of trusting one another for every difficult, fearful, traumatic, blissful moment. You may call me optimistic. I’m not. The formula is simple and elegant and easily accessible for everyone that gets out of their own way. This is the one and only rule to a successful, long-lasting, deeply intimate relationship (the deepest you will ever experience in your life, if both are determined): there is no giving up. Surrender what you think you know. Find a way.” -Amy Larson,

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