Why it’s OK to root for present-day San Francisco to fail even if (especially if) you’re from there

Death of the Press Box

A gated community. A city that is becoming uniformly wealthy, out of reach and out of touch. Too much reclaimed wood. Too many high-backed chairs. Teardrop light fixtures, everywhere. Soulless where there used to be a soul. Blank screens where there used to be imagination…Some shitty tapas place called Bask (get it, it’s Basque!) where there used to be Clown Alley. Whatever it is, San Francisco (and its football team) is fucking terrible, but not yet beyond repair.

By Andrew Pridgen

There’s a moment in Alex Pelosi’s compelling new HBO doc San Francisco 2.0 when the camera pans over to the crumbling concrete-and-rebar remains of Candlestick Park. Like a spaceship that crash-landed decades ago and has been marveled at, pulled apart and now ignored—the stadia sits there slowly merging once more with the horizon.

A resident of neighboring Hunter’s Point—a woman who is one of the thousands of long-time San…

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