do you have the relationships you want? (daily hot! quote)

Well now , ain’t that the truth !



It is so easy to watch someone’s mouth move while you think of what you want to say next. To truly listen means to turn off your internal dialog, to tame your thought monkeys into idea generators for your personal evolution.

Listening is setting all of your conditioning aside for the honor and privilege of truly seeing the person across from you (paid in full by your humanity and with your absolute attention). It is difficult and easy, psychologically rewarding and costly.

To practice the art of truly listening you must not only pay attention when a person is across from you, but when you are alone (when those thought monkeys really come out and play).

Listening to your internal dialog without judgement or pity or conviction is where it all starts. You cannot truly listen to someone else without it. You may have already experienced it and not realized…

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