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Amanda Horsburgh

Offshoring jobs can be a patriotic act… offensive as that may sound.

Can we all just accept that Manufacturing will continue to trend towards being done offshore and turn around and take a look at the MUCH bigger issue about to hit that we can doing something about……. The Offshore production of professional services. The impact of white collar work of all kinds moving Offshore is going to be huge in number, and occur quickly and quietly. It will make current manufacturing job losses look like a drop in the ocean.

It wont happen due to your local companies hiring offshore team members. It will happen through Asian based firms (not necessarily large ones), filling a production team here in Asia and then going and setting up, or buying “fronts” in Western countries. They will look local but will have only a skeleton staff on the ground, they will be…

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In an extraordinary act of devotion to his art, sculptural artist Spencer Byles spent a year creating beautiful sculptures out of natural and found materials throughout the unmanaged forests of La Colle Sur Loup (where he lived with his family), Villeneuve Loubet and Mougins. He worked together with elements of his natural surroundings to create artwork that blends seamlessly with the environment.

“Byles? project is intentionally secretive ? the only way you?ll see these work short of his photos is by going into the woods and finding them yourself. I imagine that coming upon such a fantastic structure unexpectedly in the woods is sure to be quite a magical surprise.

“One of the most beautiful things about his work is its temporary nature. The pieces were not intended to last, and each sculpture will eventually be reclaimed by the natural environment that helped Byles shape it. This full circle gives…

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