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Amanda Horsburgh

Offshoring jobs can be a patriotic act… offensive as that may sound.

Can we all just accept that Manufacturing will continue to trend towards being done offshore and turn around and take a look at the MUCH bigger issue about to hit that we can doing something about……. The Offshore production of professional services. The impact of white collar work of all kinds moving Offshore is going to be huge in number, and occur quickly and quietly. It will make current manufacturing job losses look like a drop in the ocean.

It wont happen due to your local companies hiring offshore team members. It will happen through Asian based firms (not necessarily large ones), filling a production team here in Asia and then going and setting up, or buying “fronts” in Western countries. They will look local but will have only a skeleton staff on the ground, they will be…

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Discovery Channel founder John Hendricks is launching a streaming service for science enthusiasts.

The service is called CuriosityStream and hits on March 18, Deadline reports.

Costing $2.99 a month for standard video and $9.99 a month for high-definition viewing, it will provide access to science and nature material from BBC Worldwide, Terra Noa, Japanese channel NHK and France’s ZED. There will also be original programming, including interviews with prominent thinkers.

“For consumers, our aim is to provide the first and best on-demand video streaming destination that aggregates and curates the world’s best factual content,” said Hendricks, who retired from Discovery Communications last May.


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