can you be uncertain of certainty? (daily hot! quote/thought/whatever)


“When there is no thought except for understanding and integration, the past fades and the future becomes a menial thing and you find yourself naturally, easily in the throes of joy.” -Amy Larson,

Joy can be found in any moment we apply understanding and innocence. But for this post, I am specifically thinking of those moments with a significant other, when intimacy is immediate, when all that matters is the ribbon of space in between skin – the innocence of touch and taste and smell, as if you had not experienced these before.

If there is any true reality, it is this – to perpetually reside in that unknowing, that immaculacy, that incorruptibility, innocence and freshness of perception.

When one is unaware and views this purest reality as rare moments that “just happen” (versus actively and whole-heartedly inviting them in), the mind gets scared. It panics. The ego says, “Wait! You’re choosing without me!” And it uses memory to bring in all the…

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