does love take effort? does joy? (daily hot! quote)



There is no need for hurt or anger if a person you love rejects you, isolates or abandons you.

Love deeply. And when you discover that person does not share mutual feelings, honor it and simply step away. Graciously honor their choice. They know what is best for them and you can channel your love elsewhere.

You put your heart out there for them, for you, for the sake of value and connection. You were you and you were vulnerable and willing and you gave a gift. So what if it wasn’t received or noticed or even refused. And so what if they regret moments you held as precious…

You went through the process of opening up.

You loved.

You experienced what the whole-hearted do.

And it may never be seen by anyone.

And that is the point.

You loved, you love anyway…

You love through heart-ache, rejection, isolation; because…

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