Made of magic

Thumbing through a raincloud of reminders
We stepped outside and I realize it’s been a while
Since I’ve seen those eyes
And it felt so nice to see you smile
Throw away my letters
I would like another shot
To put a shine in your smile
Make your nights worthwhile
Like I’m with you when I’m not
I disappear and reappear
I’m made of magic

It doesn’t interest me what yoga pose you can do,
I want to know if you can stay in the tension of strength and vulnerability.

It doesn’t interest me what books you have read,
I want to know if you can live what you’ve learned.

It doesn’t interest me what workshops you’ve attended,
I want to know if you know there’s nothing wrong with you and that you’re enough.

It doesn’t interest me how long you can meditate,
I want to know if you can feel the depth of your feelings 
and cry and scream and rage at the pain of this world and your own.

It doesn’t interest me how many followers you have or how much money you make,
I want to know if you can be kind to yourself and everyone you meet.

It doesn’t interest me if you know how to make green smoothies,
I want to know if you love your body and if you can look at yourself in the mirror and love what you see.

It doesn’t interest me how many likes you get on a Facebook post,
I want to know if you’re transparent and if the person you are in real life is the person you portray online.

It doesn’t interest me how many friends you have,
I want to know if you can be a friend to yourself and if you can show up for the ones you love.

It doesn’t interest me if you say you can love,
I want to know if you can forgive and have compassion for those that have hurt you,
I want to know if you can forgive yourself,
I want to know if you can tell the truth,
I want to know if you can own your shadow and live in the magnificence of your light.

I want to know that you know your divinity
and can embrace being human.


Author: Catherine Hummel

There were more green lights than red lights

While you have many masks , you only wore the one

You speak of love but mostly of fears

and still carry burdens that are not yours to bear

Your desire is for passion tho you shy away from it's glance

You are one of Gods most wonderful creations

a day cannot pass but I see what good you have brought to me

Will you not dance for me

Fixed Income Alternatives

Prior to 2009 you could find structured notes that offered both a generous hedge and attractive upside participation.  Since the inception of eternal quantitative easing, such notes have been elusive.  Not extinct, but endangered and rare.  A BNP Paribas Note priced on 27 June 2016 with great terms, especially considering the volatile market.  The terms of this note are reminiscent of the days of higher interest rates.

A snapshot of this structured product (CUSIP: 05579TPK6):

  • BNP credit
  • 5 years
  • Two reference securities: SPX or RTY
  • At maturity, the lower performing is the reference security
  • 50% European barrier
  • 177.5% upside leverage (alternatively: 1.775 participation)
  • Note was designed with no sales commission

I am going to dissect this bond for you, and explain the structure in plain English.

This is a Bond

This is a BNP Paribas structured note, not a Market Linked CD (MLCD).  It is a senior, unsecured debt…

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vanilla-ice-stop-collaborate-and-listenToday’s sponsor is the concept of itching.

Listeners, are you looking for an action that will pass the time, but also is mildly irritating? Searching for a way to have your body express reaction to material it is allergic to? Want to express confusion in the most stereotypical manner possible? I am just thrilled to be here on behalf of itching.

Itching has been with humans as long as there has been humans. Longer than that, even! Why, beings have been having to scratch themselves almost as long as they’ve been being.

It can be fun! It mostly won’t be. But, if it’s your thing, or if it’s in a spot that’s easy to reach, then it can sort of be fun! I’m not saying it will definitely be fun, it probably won’t be.

The concept of itching. For a free sample, just think about it. Oh? There you go!…

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