And thanks go to Agnes. Always liked Hesse and this is a great piece.

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This is the best I could translate from a Hermann Hesse piece:

Im sorry, I cant help that I love you.One was afraid of a thousand things,
afraid of pain…. one’s own heart,
one was afraid of the awakening,
of being alone….. namely of death himself.

But all these were only masks and disguises.
In fact, there was only the one thing,
one was afraid of:
letting yourself fall,
the tiny step
across all the assertions given.

And the one who one day,
gave himself just once,
dared the great confidence and
confined himself to destiny, he was relieved.

He was no longer obedient to earthly laws,
he had fallen into space and
swung within the dance of the stars.

Hermann Hesse “Man hatte vor tausend Dingen Angst”

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“There is no guarantee what you teach your children will catch, no promise they will have your same conviction of truths. They may even have a warped perception of you. After all, they don’t have your unique experiences. But it is vitally important for them to prove they can make it on their own. And you may have to wait weeks, months, even years before they reach out. But when they do, be there without scorn. Receive them with love.” -Amy Larson, amyjalapeno.com

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“Inner silence is the event horizon to a vast ocean of wisdom and wonder.” -Amy Larson, amyjalapeno.com

Your job, your titles, degrees, your home (whatever that looks like), your car and reputation, your religion, your relationship with God (or Universe, the Buddha, etc.), even your relationships, your name and ancestry and state of your mental and physical condition – all of these things are the shore. They make up a picture of who you think you are. But there is so much more waiting for you.

I attended a leadership training almost twenty years ago. And at the beginning of the first session, the facilitator had us close our eyes and visualize all of these things that filled our lives. She then had us commit to giving everything to the training. She told us that in order to do that, we had to completely let go of all the things…

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