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This is obviously a loaded hot! quote and question. Answers are coming. A big announcement at the end of this month will allow you a chance to discover the meaning and day-to-day practice behind today’s daily hot! quote.

Stay tuned.

“Ironically, the Unknown is the only safe place and the home to everything real.” -Amy Larson, amyjalapeno.com

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“When there is no thought except for understanding and integration, the past fades and the future becomes a menial thing and you find yourself naturally, easily in the throes of joy.” -Amy Larson, amyjalapeno.com

Joy can be found in any moment we apply understanding and innocence. But for this post, I am specifically thinking of those moments with a significant other, when intimacy is immediate, when all that matters is the ribbon of space in between skin – the innocence of touch and taste and smell, as if you had not experienced these before.

If there is any true reality, it is this – to perpetually reside in that unknowing, that immaculacy, that incorruptibility, innocence and freshness of perception.

When one is unaware and views this purest reality as rare moments that “just happen” (versus actively and whole-heartedly inviting them in), the mind gets scared. It panics. The ego says, “Wait! You’re choosing without me!” And it uses memory to bring in all the…

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There is no need for hurt or anger if a person you love rejects you, isolates or abandons you.

Love deeply. And when you discover that person does not share mutual feelings, honor it and simply step away. Graciously honor their choice. They know what is best for them and you can channel your love elsewhere.

You put your heart out there for them, for you, for the sake of value and connection. You were you and you were vulnerable and willing and you gave a gift. So what if it wasn’t received or noticed or even refused. And so what if they regret moments you held as precious…

You went through the process of opening up.

You loved.

You experienced what the whole-hearted do.

And it may never be seen by anyone.

And that is the point.

You loved, you love anyway…

You love through heart-ache, rejection, isolation; because…

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“You cannot be transformed, made new or contribute any significance if you will not face the death of everything you are certain of. Whether you know or don’t know the truth does not matter. But what does is knowing that Truth changes with you, becomes what you need for the next moment, and that Love follows you through the portal of every single death you face, even to the very last one.” -Amy Larson, amyjalapeno.com

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